One of the greatest aspects of FIFA Ultimate Team is opening packs.

We may not like what we get in the packs, they may frustrate us, and we may label them a waste of money, but it’s true. The FUT community loves the thrill of opening packs; the unpredictability and glimmer of hope that you may just pull an expensive player is often too great to resist.

Thousands and thousands of coins and FIFA points are spent every day, as people aim to make riches through opening packs, but often their efforts are rewarded with precious little.

However, bronze packs are often overlooked. They sit there, often unattended in the store, available to purchase for a measly 400 coins. They’re boring, in all honesty, and they’re snubbed because of this.

But what many fail to acknowledge is that within those bronze packs, there’s a chance you could make immense profits. They’re not entertaining to open, and you’re not going to find an elite player in them, but they can be profitable and useful in your FUT journey.

So, without further ado, take a look at four potential benefits of opening the 400 coin bronze packs on FUT 18!

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