Look, I don’t like FPS games. It’s just a fact of life – I’ve never gotten into the genre. Usually, the phrase “FPS released in 1996” would make me vomit. Obviously I review every game as objectively as I can, but it would take a lot for me to actually really enjoy an FPS (outside of MP – I’m a really social guy so multiplayer is almost always fun for me, and Quake MP is still wild to this day), and I don’t know if this game really hits that threshold for me personally.

Does that mean I think it’s a bad game? No, obviously not, there’s nothing wrong with Quake whatsoever – it still runs perfectly on modern PCs after 20+ years, the multiplayer is incredible as stated, and really the only time I actively hated my life was when I was playing single player and that’s only because playing a single player FPS is the most miserable experience in the world for me.

I mean…the single player isn’t objectively bad or anything. It’s just less enjoyable than MP, especially for me – just…an emptier experience, I guess. When MP is a 10/10 and SP is a 6/10 it kind of shows, and a lot of the enemy types just seemed annoying instead of fun to deal with.

Anyway, Quake holds up very well even in 2019 – it’s smooth, satisfying and fast-paced, everything an FPS should be – the MP is the meat of the package though.

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