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Does being an MMA fan make me a bad person?

In order to be a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, it’s necessary to limbo under the bar of what the majority of society would deem to be an acceptable … Read More
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The position Arsenal must look to prioritise this summer

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2019 NBA Finals – Make your pick!

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Major change to ‘Call of Duty’ 2020 release

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Catch up on the 2019 Oscars Best Picture Nominees!

Its the awards season again and all of your favourite Hollywood A-listers are dusting off their ballroom gowns and black tuxedos in anticipation of … Read More
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UFC 228 Preview : Woodley vs Till

Saturday the 9th of October, 'The Gorilla' Darren Till - leading a killer crop of young prospects charging through the UFC's welterweight division - … Read More
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